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BrainSnack will work the brain and amaze the eye with 300 graded problem-solving cards. Whether it is recognising and completing patterns or finding mistakes and objects that don't belong, the appetite for more will grow.

BrainSnack is a resource that will stimulate and challenge young minds and introduce and develop a wide range of problem-solving and logic strategies.

What’s in the box?

  • 300 maths problem-solving cards which focus on guiding pupils towards a strategic approach to solving problems
  • pupil record cards
  • answer cards
  • digital edition to use on your interactive whiteboard, projector or computer - single-user CD (Site licence for multi-users available to purchase separately). 

Flexible use within the classroom

  • can be used individually, in small groups or with a whole class (interactive whiteboard) all at the discretion of the teacher
  • use in groups and/or pairs to encourage pupils to justify their thinking, discuss alternative approaches, discuss problem-solving strategies and use mathematical language
  • use on the interactive whiteboard to lead whole class discussions and model for pupils appropriate problem-solving strategies