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About Us

Our lesson plans - your classroom.
Teachers inspiring teachers. 

For over 20 years, Prim-Ed Publishing has been working with teachers to provide tailored resources to meet the very specific needs of pupils in Irish classrooms. In recent years, the company has gone global. This means similar educational resources are being tailored for classrooms in the UK Australia, New Zealand, South Africa and Malaysia.

The global financial and marketing activity is centralised in New Ross, Co. Wexford, which is the corporate headquarters and centre of best practice.  Prim-Ed Publishing has been working closely with R.I.C. Publications since the mid 2000s and the global takeover has seen Prim-Ed Publishing extend its operation across five continents, with sales and licensing agreements in 22 countries.

Prim-Ed Publishing is the number one provider of educational resources across each area of the primary school curriculum. The portfolio of company product includes photocopiable teacher resources, boxed product for comprehension, literacy and maths, problem solving, workbooks, posters, stickers, eBooks and software. Its reach into the second level sector continues to grow with curriculum-focused resources in areas such as literacy, numeracy, geography, history, SPHE and posters. The resources are written by practising classroom teachers. Focusing on content and presentation, we strive to produce educational resources, of the highest quality, that satisfy the needs of teachers and pupils alike. As a result, Prim-Ed Publishing has gained an esteemed reputation among teachers and practitioners in the education sector. 

For the teacher our resources offer; reference guidance, how you might introduce the topic to the class, development and deepened learning of topic, class differentiation and how you might teach children at different stages of learning, assessments to ensure progression, a pupil learning log, so they are aware of their own development/training. These core products are marketed through a nationwide sales team and a network of retailers. In turn, a team of dedicated editorial, research and support staff, based in the UK, Ireland, Europe and Australia, ably supports them. Prim-Ed Publishing also offers customers the option of ordering resources online.