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English Worksheets, Workbooks & Books

Prim-Ed Publishing has the English worksheets and resources you need to make your lessons more effective. As a teacher, you know that English is a critical part of your pupil's education. Immersing your pupils in the language early on will give them a foundation for success in all their future studies.

That's why Prim-Ed Publishing is proud to offer an extensive range of English resources, designed to meet the needs of all teachers and primary-aged pupils. Our resources come in a variety of formats, so you can tailor your instruction to each individual pupil. We've got everything from traditional textbooks to interactive software, so you can find the perfect fit for your classroom. And because we're always updating our offerings, you can be sure you're getting the latest and greatest English resources available.

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English is a vital skill that all pupils need to learn

Prim-Ed Publishing is committed to providing first-class resources that support pupils and teachers everywhere. With our wide range of English worksheets and resources, we can meet the needs of all children, regardless of their level or ability.

Our resources are designed to be engaging and effective, so you can be sure your pupils are getting the most out of your English programme.


Benefits of using Prim-Ed's English worksheets and resources in the classroom

Prim-Ed has everything you need to help your pupils achieve success in English. Here are just some of the benefits of our English collection:

  • Our teaching materials are created by experienced teachers.
  • Extensive range of English resources that cater to different educational needs.
  • Designed to suit any classroom or learning environment.
  • Our materials are aligned with the Primary Language Curriculum.
  • Wide range of English subjects covered, including grammar, spelling and vocabulary.
  • Huge variety of formats to suit all learning styles.
  • We make learning fun, with effective resources that pupils will enjoy using.

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Why use English worksheets in the classroom?

English worksheets are a great resource for educators looking to help their pupils improve their language skills. By providing pupils with focused activities to complete, worksheets help to ensure that everyone in the class is engaged and making progress.

They not only provide a structured and concise way of presenting new material, but they also allow pupils to practise their skills in a variety of different ways.

Here are just some of the reasons why you should consider using English worksheets in your classroom:

  • English worksheets provide a way to introduce new topics and concepts in a concise and structured way.
  • Worksheets are fun and engaging, so pupils will not only enjoy learning but want to keep practising.
  • Can be used as a revision tool, helping pupils to consolidate their knowledge.
  • By completing exercises, pupils can develop their vocabulary and grammar knowledge, as well as their ability to read and write in English.
  • Many worksheets include exercises that require pupils to identify key words or phrases, as well as fill in missing words or sentences.
  • English worksheets can be easily tailored to the needs of individual pupils, meaning that every child gets the most out of the lesson.
  • Worksheets can also be used as a way of assessing pupils' progress over time. By tracking how well pupils do on different worksheets, teachers can gauge whether they are making progress or not.

Using English worksheets in the classroom can be an extremely valuable tool for both teachers and pupils alike. That’s why Prim-Ed Publishing's English worksheets are packed with engaging and fun activities, quizzes and exercises that will help children develop their reading, writing, listening, comprehension, vocabulary and speaking abilities.


A wide range of resources to meet the needs of all primary school children

The Primary Language Curriculum in Ireland is divided into three strands covering oral language, reading and writing. Each of the learning outcomes can be further divided into areas such as handwriting, spelling, vocabulary, grammar and comprehension.

At Prim-Ed Publishing, we are committed to providing first-class resources that support pupils and teachers in all of these areas. Our English materials cover all of the key learning outcomes in the curriculum and are designed to be engaging and effective.

Why not try our English worksheets and resources covering foundational skills and teaching strategies?


Variety of formats to suit all learning styles

Prim-Ed's English resources are available in various formats to meet all learners' needs. Whether you're looking for print materials or digital resources, we have something to meet your needs.

Prim-Ed’s worksheets reinforce skills like comprehension, reading, writing, grammar and vocabulary. Each worksheet can also be used as a starting point for discussions or as a way to assess understanding. The quizzes, interactive games and exercises are also a great way to learn new words and improve English language skills.


Quality resources to support teachers

Our quality resources are designed to support teachers in delivering engaging and effective lessons. We are committed to providing first-class resources that support pupils and teachers everywhere.

In addition to the pupil workbooks, English worksheets and materials for pupils, Prim-Ed Publishing also offers resources specifically designed for teachers. These include:


Prim-Ed Publishing makes learning English fun and engaging

Prim-Ed is dedicated to providing high-quality resources that make learning fun and engaging for all primary-aged pupils. Our extensive range of resources covers all aspects of the English curriculum, including reading, writing, grammar, punctuation, spelling, vocabulary and more.

We offer a variety of formats to suit all teachers and pupils, including workbooks, storybooks, fairy tales, flash cards, classroom posters and more!


Prim-Ed Publishing is committed to providing first-class resources that support pupils and teachers everywhere

At Prim-Ed Publishing, we understand that English is a vital part of education and is essential in all learning areas. That's why we're dedicated to providing first-rate English worksheets and resources to support the needs of both teachers and pupils. Our extensive range comes in a variety of formats, so there's something to meet everyone's needs.

Whether you're looking for activities to help your pupils improve their literacy skills or resources to help with lesson planning, we've got you covered.

Get in touch or browse our selection of English resources today and get started on giving your pupils the best possible education.


Frequently asked questions


When it comes to assessing English language skills, there are a variety of tools that teachers can use. One option is to give pupils English worksheets to complete. This can help to identify areas of weakness and ensure that pupils are practising the skills that they need to improve.

Teachers can also use classroom activities and games to assess English language skills. These can be a more effective way to assess vocabulary, listening comprehension and speaking skills, as it gives pupils a chance to demonstrate their ability to communicate in real-time.

By using a variety of assessment methods, teachers can get a well-rounded view of their pupils’ English language skills.

The Irish primary curriculum consists of 11 subjects, which are banded into 6 curriculum areas. English falls under the Language Curriculum area.

Primary school pupils in Ireland learn the basics of the English language. They start by learning how to speak, listen, read and write in English. They also learn about vocabulary and phonics. As they progress, they learn more complicated grammar rules and begin to read and write more complex texts. By the time they reach the end of primary school, they should be able to communicate effectively in English.