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Mathematics Worksheets, Workbooks and Books

Prim-Ed Publishing offers a range of educational resources for mathematics, including teacher resource books with worksheets, maths books, pupil books, games, interactives, homework tasks and box sets, all of which allow pupils to develop understanding, fluency, problem-solving and reasoning in all areas of maths. Prim-Ed Publishing’s range of maths resources covers a variety of concepts, including maths games, problem-solving, number and algebra, shape and space, maths assessments, reference, measures, data and mental maths.

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These resources provide opportunities for pupils to develop written and mental strategies while completing times tables and other mental maths challenges, written activities, solving word problems, problem-solving tasks and STEM projects. Our mathematics reference books explain important vocabulary and our resources prepare pupils for answering multiple-choice questions in standardised tests.

Why use maths worksheets

Prim-Ed Publishing has many different sets of maths worksheets to support the teaching and learning of maths concepts and skills. Fractions, multiplication and division are some of the most commonly taught topics in maths, and you’ll find a diverse range of these resources to help pupils understand these concepts.

Maths worksheets are useful because they can be completed individually, or they can be used as part of a lesson. For example, a teacher might give pupils a multiplication worksheet to complete as homework, or worksheets could be used in the classroom to help revise concepts.

Primary school maths worksheets

Prim-Ed’s mathematics worksheets are designed to cover concepts relevant to the Irish Primary School Mathematics Curriculum. Popular worksheets include:

  • Multiplication worksheets: to help children understand the multiplication tables and the different types of multiplication problems.
  • Fraction worksheets: to help children understand what fractions are and how to use the operations of addition, subtraction, multiplication and division involving fractions.
  • Long division worksheets: to help children understand how to do long division by hand.
  • Measurement worksheets: to help children with measuring length, weight, capacity, money and time.
  • Addition worksheets: cover the basic addition facts, as well as adding larger numbers together.
  • Subtraction worksheets: cover the basic subtraction facts, as well as subtracting larger numbers from each other.
  • Probability worksheets: helping children understand what probability, chance and data are.
  • Geometry worksheets: including area, perimeter, angles, 2-D shapes and 3-D objects.
  • Maths tables books: provide a solid maths foundation. These can be used to help both younger children and older children who may be struggling to grasp these concepts.


Digital mathematics resources

Prim-Ed Publishing also offers digital mathematical resources that teachers can download and print, including ebooks, worksheets, learning from home activities, teachers' resources, assessments, and more.


Maths games

Prim-Ed offers maths games to help make learning fun and interactive. These are especially helpful in motivating young primary school pupils in the classroom. Games provide opportunities for pupils to learn in a relaxed way. They also help to improve pupils’ abilities to think, solve and reason.


Mathematics teachers guides

Teacher guides are a superb resource to assist teachers in implementing maths concepts in the classroom. Guides also include lesson plans, assessments and other activities to aid children in the classroom.


Frequently asked questions


Most Prim-Ed maths worksheets are available for all class levels of the Irish Primary School System (1st Class to 6th Class).

Yes, Prim-Ed offers a variety of different series suitable for both classroom use and homework use. These worksheets are also ideal for home school pupils too.

Yes, all worksheets contain an answer guide to help teachers correct work efficiently.

Prim-Ed Publishing has a variety of resources for different purposes. These include photocopiable resources, homework worksheets, group work activities, assessments and individual workbooks. Teachers’ resources and guides are available to help teachers integrate these resources into their maths programme.

Prim-Ed Publishing offers fraction worksheets from 1st Class to 6th Class. These include adding, subtracting, multiplying and dividing fractions with both same denominators and different denominators. There is also a fractions tables book that covers the basic operations with fractions as well as mixed numbers and improper fractions.

Prim-Ed maths workbooks have a variety of questions and activities to suit pupils of different learning levels. This helps engage pupils who are more confident whilst also providing support to pupils who need extra help. Teachers can also take advantage of the different worksheets and activities to provide competent pupils with extension work where necessary.

Mathematics is not an easy subject to learn, but it is important.

Prim-Ed offers different ways to make learning easier with their activities and games. By making maths enjoyable, more pupils will engage with the concepts. In particular, worksheets are great because they are extremely versatile: they can be used for homework, group work or individual work.

One of Prim-Ed's most popular maths resources is the Maths Games book. This is an excellent resource for younger children starting to learn basic maths concepts for the first time as well as for older children who may need a little more help. The books are set out in a very easy-to-read format and include games and activities to keep pupils engaged and motivated to learn.