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New Wave Mental Maths: 3rd Class
New Wave Mental Maths: 3rd Class

New Wave Mental Maths: 3rd Class

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The 3rd Class book in the New Mental Maths series is a 40-week mathematics programme with problem-solving tasks designed to strengthen, develop and consolidate 3rd Class pupils’ mathematical skills and concepts. Encouraging mental arithmetic and fostering problem solving skills, this workbook covers everything 3rd Cass pupils require throughout the academic year.

The 3rd Class book features:

  • sequential development of mathematical concepts and vocabulary;
  • opportunities for weekly assessment and monitoring of pupil progress with the 'FRIDAY REVIEW'. 

FREE Teacher Manual for schools adopting the New Wave Mental Maths programme.

    Excellent workbook with daily practice to reinforce Maths concepts. Pupils encounter a variety of questions to help them revise key concepts. Daily tests are quick and very worthwhile do with a class or learning support group. Children grow in confidence as the weeks progress as similar questions are repeated but also more challenging as the year progresses. We use the programme in all classes from 1st to 6th.

    A. Quinn

    New Wave Mental Maths is a cleverly presented workbook worthy of much praise. I love the way an array of topics are covered in each single test. Pupils are continuously revising old topics and preparing a base knowledge and vocabulary for topics yet to come. I always get a positive reaction when I say, "Take out your New Wave Mental Maths Workbook." Pupils learn from their mistakes and make progress at their own pace. Correction of the work is not too time consuming for the teacher. Three words sum up this book for me - "I love it!"

    Esther Stack

    We currently use New Wave Mental Maths throughout the school. It is very popular with our children (as per a recent survey!) and it provides great graded exercise of each topic throughout the year. Super for revision and a very good structured approach to the exercises.

    Joan-Marie Healy

    The New Wave Mental Maths is brilliant - it offers a wide variety of material in concise format. We use it a lot for homework. It gives the children a chance to practice topics we have moved on from and at the same time, gives teachers an indication of where a review might be needed. The mix of topics means that all children have a chance to succeed.

    Jennifer Holland

    We use mental maths every morning first thing in our class. It is fantastic for allowing constant revision of previous topics and also touches on new areas before the children cover them in their workbook. Have seen a definite improvement in their mental maths skills. Highly recommend this book.

    Elizabeth Walsh

    Tús maith, leath na hoibre - a good start is half the work. This is certainly the case for the New Wave Mental Maths series. It is an excellent warm-up activity at the start of a Maths lesson and it is also a useful way for pupils to continuously review all of the strands of the Maths curriculum. It provides a structured approach to develop pupils' mental maths skills and is a valuable addition to a class booklist as a result.

    Linda McMahon

    New Wave Mental Maths are used throughout the school. It covers all strands daily and there is repetition of types of questions weekly. A fantastic resource covering the whole maths curriculum. Children really benefit from daily practice of all the strands. Overall, very useful.

    Cáit Uí Raghallaigh

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