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The Maths Box: Box 1
The Maths Box: Box 1

The Maths Box: Box 1

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The Maths Box 1 was written to support the teaching and learning of mathematical skills and concepts in 1st Class.

The box contains:

  • 75 high-interest, brightly-coloured laminated cards (2 of each card, 150 cards in total).
  • 75 colourful answer cards.
  • 1 comprehensive, photocopiable Teacher Guide. 

The cards in each box are:

  • colourful, creative and appealing to encourage pupil motivation and enjoyment;
  • ideal for either independent use or, as the cards are supplied in pairs, small group and paired work;
  • written to ensure pupils can practise the skills, concepts and knowledge required by the maths curriculum;

    Overall I really like the Maths box and definitely think it would be a great addition to any classroom for station teaching or for use with early finishers. The cards and interesting, relevant, colourful and incorporate real life maths.


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