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New Wave Mental Maths: 6th Class
New Wave Mental Maths: 6th Class

New Wave Mental Maths: 6th Class

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New Wave Mental Maths for 6th Class focuses on the further development of 6th class pupils mathematical skills and strengthening of their problem-solving abilities. With material to cover the entire academic year, this mental math book gives pupils all the tools they need to foster their mental arithmetic.

The 6th Class book features:

  • carefully worded problem-solving questions positioned in their own column;
  • practice in speed of recall;

FREE Teacher Manual for schools adopting the New Wave Mental Maths programme.

    The New Wave Mental Math's are a great resource for keeping recent topics in the children's minds and getting them to continually practice them while also introducing them gradually to newer topics they may not have me yet with me. Personally, I use it as a great homework resource and find they love it too!

    Sarah Mccabe

    New Wave Mental Maths are used throughout the school. Mathematical concepts are repeated and the difficulty increased in a progressive, easy to follow manner for children.

    Heather Smith

    I have used Mental Maths with many classes over many years. I think it would be very useful to print the week number on each page to correspond with the Pupil progress record at the front. For the time questions if you put in digital to be changed to analogue, 12 hr to change to 24 hr + so on to suit ability levels and add variety e.g. 1/4 hr = ( ) mins , so past 2 = ( 2: ) 21:04 = 9:04pm, 6pm = 18:00 etc. Finally, if Friday tests were given as perforated strips which could be torn out week by week to be given in actual test style, that would be terrific.

    Geraldine O'Sullivan

    New Wave Mental Maths is a fantastic resource covering all aspects of the maths curriculum. The layout of daily exercises is fantastic for revision and introduction of topics. The workbook is ideal for in class instruction and also perfect for homework. An invaluable resource!!

    Ann Cumiskey

    I use Mental Maths daily and love the fact that there is a mixture of concepts in each test. This means concepts are being continually reviewed.

    Patricia Murphy

    I use New Wave Mental Maths on a daily basis. The layout becomes very familiar to children very quickly. Each day covers a broad range of strands and strand units; this in turn ensures that the children are already familiar with the content of Maths lessons before you actually get there, allowing them to feel more competent. Maths becomes 'easier' as a result.

    Sean Bergin

    I use New Wave Mental Maths with 5th and 6th classes. I provides great opportunities to pre teach topics and revise others. The activities become increasingly more difficult as the year progresses. It is great as a revision tool also.

    Joan-Marie Ronan

    Excellent workbook with daily practice to reinforce Maths concepts. Pupils encounter a variety of questions to help them revise key concepts. Daily tests are quick and very worthwhile do with a class or learning support group. Children grow in confidence as the weeks progress as similar questions are repeated but also more challenging as the year progresses. We use the programme in all classes from 1st to 6th.

    A. Quinn

    New Wave Mental Maths are used throughout the school. It covers all strands daily and there is repetition of types of questions weekly. A fantastic resource covering the whole maths curriculum. Children really benefit from daily practice of all the strands. Overall, very useful.

    Cáit Uí Raghallaigh

    I myself am a student and personally love math and this book has really helped me devolp new skills in Math


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