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Pupil Workbooks

Empower your pupils with daily skills practice, weekly assessments, and spaced repetition to unlock their true potential!

With over thirty years of research and continuous development, we're more excited than ever about ensuring you have the right tools in the classroom.

That's why we're here to help you find exactly what your pupils need to ensure they have the perfect daily skills practice resource to meet the specific needs of your class and school group.  


Get your booklist ready for back to school now...

Workbooks hold a distinct and valuable place, offering a multitude of advantages for pupils and teachers alike.

  • Daily practice for concept reinforcement
  • Engaging activities and illustrations
  • Bridging prior knowledge with new information
  • Addressing curriculum gaps
  • Enhancing existing curricula
  • Individualised learning insights
  • A nurturing space for skill refinement.

You can be assured that our bestselling series' are perfect for your classroom and your pupils for daily skills practice.


What do Prim-Ed's workbooks add to your booklist?

  • Daily skills practice and weekly assessments to ensure your pupils progress
  • Spaced repetition of concepts throughout the school year so you, the teacher, don’t have to re-teach key concepts
  • Workbooks/daily skills practice is great for reinforcing taught concepts at home as well as in class


New Wave mental maths series

New Wave Mental Maths - Ireland's Favourite Maths Workbook

New Wave Mental Maths is still the ultimate mathematics practice resource for the modern classroom...and a new Revised Edition is now available for 1st and 2nd class for the new Primary curriculum. Visually rich and engaging, New Wave Mental Maths provides daily practice to increase pupils’ fluency and automaticity across all maths strands.

New Wave Mental Maths is a series of seven pupil books from Senior Infants to 6th Class, written to provide comprehensive coverage of mental maths concepts required by the mathematics curriculum. Each book contains a mental maths and maths problem-solving programme designed to develop, strengthen and consolidate pupils' mathematical skills and concepts daily.

Download a sample of New Wave Mental Maths


New Wave Handwriting

As teachers, we know that every pupil is unique, and their journey towards developing their handwriting skills should be, too.

New Wave Handwriting is not your average handwriting programme—we have taken great care to create an engaging and effective resource for the classroom. Our team of experienced teachers have developed a unique approach to teaching handwriting, tailored to meet each pupil's individual needs.

We're so confident that you'll love our Handwriting Today series, we're offering a free sample download!

Download a sample of New Wave Handwriting


New Wave English in Practice

New Wave English in Practice is the perfect workbook to support your pupils as they practise, consolidate, and reinforce English language concepts for your classroom. The series will empower pupils to develop and enhance their English skills with competence.

  • Develops and consolidates pupils' ability and confidence in key areas of English, and helps them excel by building and reinforcing their knowledge.
  • Offers structured daily activities in phonics, spelling, vocabulary, grammar, and punctuation, using a clearer, less cluttered page layout to appeal to pupils.
  • Includes a Skill Focus at the start of every week, addressing a key language concept. Each day, the first two questions will reinforce and consolidate this language concept.

Download a sample of New Wave English in Practice


My Spelling Workbook

My Spelling Workbook is meticulously crafted to deliver a metacognitive approach to spelling. Through carefully designed exercises and activities, pupils consolidate their knowledge of spelling rules and patterns, reinforcing their understanding of language at a fundamental level.

This approach not only helps improve spelling skills, but also empowers pupils to apply these insights to a wide range of writing tasks, enhancing their overall language proficiency.

  • Organised Word Lists: Structured word lists make practising, spelling patterns a meaningful and productive activity.
  • Engaging Online Games: Learning takes on a whole new dimension with our interactive online games. They provide an immersive experience that reinforces spelling concepts and fosters engagement in pupils.

Download a sample of My Spelling Workbook

Reading for Me

Introducing Reading for Me at your school will provide your pupils with the perfect resource to practise, consolidate, and reinforce a variety of literacy concepts. This engaging approach involves assessing pupils’ initial reading level to establish a solid foundation and gradually advancing levels to nurture a genuine enthusiasm for reading.

  • Encourages independent reading and empowers pupils to track their progress using the visual progression bar.
  • Adaptable to various learning styles and needs, fostering differentiated learning experiences.
  • Provides merit certificates to celebrate pupils’ achievements, boosting their motivation.
  • Utilises a dyslexia-friendly font, ensuring inclusivity for all pupils.

Download a sample of Reading for Me


"In our school we use New Wave Mental Maths in all classes from 1st class to 6th class. It is a fantastic resource and we have seen great gains in the mathematical abilities of our pupils since adopting this scheme. It covers all strands daily and that there is repetition of types of questions weekly. Children gain in confidence as they come across topics in their Mental Maths book before they work on these topics in their textbooks. A must for all booklists."

Cathy Power

I think Reading with Me is a great resource for young readers. I feel that it can be used in a very effective way especially in small group settings through station teaching and through SET withdrawals, but is flexible to all settings. The use of a dyslexia-friendly font is a huge development and shows a huge commitment from Prim-Ed to producing high quality, truly inclusive resources. The online aspect of the programme can also be used at home to ensure a cohesive approach to reading development between home and school. Overall, it is an amazing resource and would highly recommend it for teachers in all levels and settings!



My Spelling Workbook is a fantastic scheme that challenges students at an age appropriate level and always include high frequency words on the list. The teachers resource book has dictation for every unit and alternative weeks spelling and dictation has really improved children’s spelling.

— Claire Birmingham, Teacher

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