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New Wave Mental Maths

With over twenty years of research and continuous development, this bestselling series is still the ultimate mathematics practice resource for the modern classroom. Visually rich and engaging, New Wave Mental Maths provides daily practice to increase pupils’ fluency and automaticity across all maths strands.

A new Revised Edition is now available for 1st and 2nd class for the new Primary curriculum - available to Order Now. Senior Infants and 3rd-6th class new editions coming in 2025.

New Wave Mental Maths is a series of seven pupil books from Senior Infants to 6th Class, written to provide comprehensive coverage of mental maths concepts required by the mathematics curriculum. Each book contains a 40-week mental maths and maths problem-solving programme designed to develop, strengthen and consolidate pupils' mathematical skills and concepts.

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New Wave Mental Maths features:

  • Daily practice of mathematics with a spiral learning approach to consolidate and improve pupils’ skill level.
  • Includes problem-solving questions to develop pupils’ ability to make choices, interpret, formulate, and communicate solutions effectively.
  • Problem-solving questions are drawn from a mixture of strands and strand units, incorporating real-life maths contexts and situations.
  • Modern and contemporary layout using subtle colours, which is not distracting or overwhelming for the pupil.
  • Pictorial and written representations of problems in both the problem-solving and daily columns.
  • Comprehensive coverage and consolidation of mathematical concepts.
  • Practice in speed of recall.
  • Sequential development of mathematical concepts and vocabulary.
  • Opportunities for weekly assessment and monitoring of pupil progress with the ‘Friday Review’.


Now available - New Wave Mental Maths online

  • Display each page from the pupil book on an interactive whiteboard for whole-class teaching.
  • Pupil book answers are available to view at the click of a button.
  • An overview of the concept is provided.
  • Maths assessment is provided through the online portal, allowing teachers to record pupils' progression.


When your class adopts the New Wave Mental Maths programme:

  • Enjoy 12-months complimentary access to New Wave Mental Maths Online. Create an account to get started.
  • Receive a complimentary copy of the Teacher Guide.


Frequently asked questions

What classes are New Wave Mental Maths books suitable for?

The New Wave Mental Maths books are suitable for Senior Infants all the way up to 6th Class pupils.

How do I access the New Wave Mental Maths book answers?

Mental maths answers are available to view online with New Wave Mental Maths Online. Create an online account to access answers. 

How long does each mental maths book take to complete?

Each New Wave Mental Maths book is designed to cover 40 weeks’ worth of mental maths content. Each workbook contains mental maths activities to complete over the entire school year.

What mental maths concepts are covered in the New Wave Mental Maths books?

The mathematical skills and concepts covered in each book are based on the Irish Primary School Mathematics Curriculum. A preview book is available to view online for a more in-depth review of the mental maths concepts covered in each book.

Are New Wave Mental Maths books suitable for home school pupils?

Yes, each book covers mathematical concepts that are part of the Irish Primary School Mathematics Curriculum. Each book contains daily mental maths and problem-solving questions that are suitable for home school pupils.



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