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What's new: eBook edition

What's new: eBook edition

What's new: eBook edition

  • Thursday 28 October 2021

We're always looking for ways we can improve your experience when using our products. To make things easier for you, from this month our eBooks will include editable worksheets. What does this mean exactly? For a select range of eBooks, the featured worksheets will also come as editable pdf files with your eBook purchase. The best part is, the price of these eBooks will be staying the same!


So, what are editable worksheets?

Editable worksheets are pdfs that can be filled in electronically. There is no need to print or scan; just send off to your students to complete! Editable worksheets can save you time and minimise stress—plus, they help the environment by saving paper. These worksheets also provide you with flexibility, as they can be used both in the classroom and whilst remote learning. If you wish to print them off for each student you can do so, otherwise just send them off and you're good to go!


What eBooks are included?

We have a growing list of eBooks that will start to include editable pdfs. Keep an eye out as we continue to update them! The first eBooks we're starting off with are:



Will this include existing eBooks I have already purchased?

Yes! We are placing this improvement on all existing eBooks that you've already purchased, so you can simply re-download the files to receive the new set. Editable worksheets included! For example, if you've already purchased any of the above eBooks you will be able to redownload them to include the editable worksheets.


What happens if I've used all my downloads?

No worries! If you've used all your downloads on an exisiting eBook purchase, simply get in touch with us here and we will provide you with more downloads.


Please note: only a select range of our eBooks will include the new editable pdfs set with your purchase. Exclusions apply. More eBooks to be added soon. Please get in touch if you have any questions.