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Differentiated Cloze

Differentiated Cloze is a series of three books that applies the effective and commonly used cloze techniques to assist in the development of reading and comprehension skills. The topics chosen for the cloze text contain a variety of fiction and non-fiction material.

Two formats are used in presenting each topic to provide the pupils with different approaches to using the cloze technique and to gain maximum benefit from each lesson.

  • On the first page of each topic the missing words are provided at the bottom of each page.
  • The second page of each topic has different words missing from the text.

The answers are not provided to encourage pupils to rely on context clues only. Teachers may treat each topic with the whole class, in small groups or individually. Both formats can be given to the children to complete, with a lengthy interval between each. Teachers may also take into account the ability level of each pupil; giving cloze set one to the pupils needing more guidance and cloze set two to the more able pupils.

Answers for both formats are provided.

Resources in this series:

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