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New Wave English in Practice (Revised Edition)

If you’re looking for a way to help your pupils improve their writing skills, you need the Prim-Ed Publishing series New Wave English in Practice.

These pupil workbooks provide repeated, daily practice of English language concepts that have already been taught, so your pupils can really hone their skills. With sections on phonics, spelling, grammar, vocabulary and punctuation, New Wave English in Practice covers all the key areas of language learning. And because it’s designed for daily use, you’ll see a noticeable improvement in your pupils’ fluency and confidence in no time.

Download a sample of New Wave English in Practice

With New Wave English in Practice, your pupils will develop a strong foundation in literacy skills that will last a lifetime. Order a complete class set today!


Daily challenges to build your pupils' language skills

Looking to improve pupils’ clarity, correctness and richness in writing? Provide repeated, daily practice of already-taught literacy concepts for your pupils and see how their English fluency progresses in leaps and bounds.

New Wave English in Practice covers phonics, spelling, grammar, vocabulary and punctuation. Consolidate and develop pupils’ ability and confidence in these key areas and help them excel.


Features of Prim-Ed Publishing's New Wave English in Practice

The series covers all the key areas of language learning and is the perfect way to provide your pupils with daily practice of core English skills. Covering phonics, spelling, grammar, vocabulary and punctuation, this six-book series covers all the key areas of language learning.

  • English programme of six pupil workbooks.
  • Suitable for 1st to 6th Class.
  • Reinforces English skills over a 32-week period (160 days).
  • Packed full of engaging and developmentally appropriate activities.
  • Focuses on one core skill per unit with clear explanations and examples.
  • Full-colour illustrations throughout.


The series concentrates on core areas of English language learning

  • Teachers will welcome the focus on the common problem areas of English throughout the series.
  • The emphasis on practice, repetition and revision will help pupils acquire and strengthen the skills they need to be competent and confident in their use of English.
  • Confusing words and common errors in writing are targeted to ensure pupils develop the knowledge and skills to deal with these issues in their own personal writing.
  • The days are labelled using a numbered format allowing teachers to use the book flexibly and to suit their own teaching style.
  • Assessment is catered for as pupil record sheets have been included in each book helping pupils to record and monitor their own progress.


Why structured daily English practice is important

A consistent routine of language learning, review and reinforcement is crucial for any pupils, no matter their age or level. The importance of structured daily English practice cannot be understated. By providing children with a daily session, teachers and parents can help them to:

  • consolidate what they have learned;
  • build confidence in their abilities;
  • retain information more effectively; and
  • make progress more quickly.


What skills are covered in the series?

Practice makes perfect! Each daily practice book aims to help improve your pupils' English skills through repetition as well as their knowledge of how language works.

The Prim-Ed Publishing New Wave English in Practice series covers all the core skills required for success in learning English.

The wide and varied range of content in each book focuses broadly on:

  • Word knowledge: phonics, spelling and vocabulary development
  • Grammar: understanding and using correct grammar rules
  • Punctuation: using punctuation marks correctly in writing sentences
  • Writing: understanding the different types of sentences, using clauses correctly and combining ideas into paragraphs.


Teaching English skills in the classroom

The New Wave English in Practice series is designed to make learning English fun and engaging for both teachers and pupils.

  • Each workbook contains 32 weeks of work, arranged into four units. Seven weeks of each unit begin with a new topic or ‘Skill Focus’, addressing a key language concept. Each day, the first two questions will reinforce and consolidate pupils' ability in this language concept. The rest of the daily questions will cover common skills of English.
  • Energise your English programme through comprehensive and structured daily English practice to consolidate pupils’ reading and writing abilities.
  • Build pupils’ confidence through improved mastery of spelling, punctuation, phonics, word knowledge and grammar.
  • Target confusing words and common errors in writing and help your pupils to achieve better results.
  • Each workbook is beautifully illustrated with fun and engaging artwork.


Features of the Revised Edition

The New Wave English in Practice workbooks will help your pupils consolidate their knowledge of core skills and improve their English fluency. The revised edition is an essential resource for any primary school teacher.

  • Redesigned and updated layout for easy use.
  • A reduction in the number of daily questions enables pupils to practise and consolidate a more contained range of language concepts.
  • A clearer, less-cluttered page layout to appeal to pupils.
  • Clear explanations of key language concepts in the weekly ‘Skill Focus’ section which are helpful for pupils, teachers and parents.
  • A useful weekly review is placed at the end of every unit.
  • The accompanying Teacher's Guide provides step-by-step guidance, answers and tips.


Enhance your English programme

The New Wave English in Practice (Revised Edition) series is an essential resource for any primary school teacher.

The series is structured for teachers to enhance English lessons in the classroom. The weekly 'Skill Focus' sections in the pupil workbooks provide a practical opportunity for teachers to focus on specific language skills with their class.

With a wide range of engaging and stimulating activities to motivate and build confidence in children and regular review, the series makes it easy for teachers and pupils to learn and track their achievements.

Teachers can use the accompanying Teacher's Guide to enhance their lessons. The guide includes:

  • Detailed weekly lesson plans
  • Extension exercises and activities for fast finishers
  • Extra practice for those needing consolidation
  • Assessment ideas
  • Photocopiable resources

The Teacher's Guide also contains ideas and activities for further classroom practice.


Benefits to pupils in the classroom

By using the New Wave English in Practice series, your pupils will develop a strong foundation of English language skills that will enable them to communicate effectively both in writing and verbally.


Prim-Ed Publishing's English resources

At Prim-Ed Publishing, we understand the importance of a strong foundation in English. That's why we offer a range of English resources to help teachers deliver engaging, effective lessons.

Our New Wave English in Practice workbook series is popular with teachers, as it offers a variety of activities perfect for reinforcing key concepts, allowing pupils to consolidate their learning.

Reach out or search the latest and greatest English resources published by Prim-Ed, as well as our new releases today!


Frequently asked questions

What are adverbs and what do they do?

Adverbs are words that modify verbs, adjectives or other adverbs. In English, they typically serve to make the meaning of the verb clearer and more interesting. For example, the verb "run" can be modified by the adverb "quickly" to create the phrase "run quickly." This tells the reader or listener not only that the subject is running, but also how they are running.

Adverbs can also be used to intensify the meaning of an adjective, as in the phrase "a very hot day." In this case, the adverb "very" increases the intensity of the adjective "hot," making it clear that the weather is extremely warm. Ultimately, adverbs are a versatile tool for making writing more descriptive and interesting.

What are the different types of nouns?

In English, there are four main types of nouns: common nouns, proper nouns, collective nouns and abstract nouns.

  • Common nouns are words that can be used to refer to any person, place or thing.
  • Proper nouns are the specific names of people, places or things. They always start with a capital letter.
  • Collective nouns are a type of common noun that refers to a group of people or things.
  • Abstract nouns refer to concepts that cannot be experienced with the five senses, such as feelings or ideas.

While there are other less common types of nouns, these four are the most prevalent in English.

What English language concepts are included in the New Wave English in Practice series?

The New Wave English in Practice series includes spelling, punctuation, phonics, word knowledge and grammar. The series is designed to help pupils master these concepts so they can communicate effectively in both written and spoken English.

With clear and concise explanations, plenty of practice exercises and answer keys, the New Wave English in Practice series is an excellent resource for anyone looking to improve their English language skills.

Resources in this series:

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