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Problem-solving Strategies and Skills Maths Cards

Embed mathematical problem-solving and reasoning with the Problem-solving Strategies and Skills Maths Cards.

These cards provide a wide variety of motivating and high-interest maths problem-solving activities.

Download a sample of Problem-solving Strategies and Skills Maths Cards

There are three boxes for each class level, 1st to 6th Class, comprising:

  • 30 Number and Algebra cards, plus answers
  • 30 Measurement and Geometry cards, plus answers
  • 30 Statistics and Chance cards, plus answers

The front of each card has a mathematics word problem for pupils to solve and the reverse of each card has an extension activity for more able pupils. The maths problems involve one or several steps, require the use of various strategies and skills and are supported by colourful artwork.

Features of Prim-Ed Publishing's Problem-Solving Strategies and Skills Maths Cards

Our Problem-Solving Strategies and Skills Maths Cards cover lots of territory in the mathematics curriculum. Pupils learn skills in three key areas: number and algebra, measures and geometry, and statistics and chance. All subjects are covered through problem-solving, which encourages pupils to think mathematically and develop solutions from the inside out.

  • Excellent resources to support maths problem-solving, an essential component of the maths curriculum;
  • Varied, real-life and challenging word problems; requiring one or more of steps and the use of different strategies and skills;
  • Activities that enable pupils to practise maths concepts taught in class through problems; and
  • Extension problems on the reverse of each card to stretch the problem-solving skills of more able pupils

What are problem-solving strategies in mathematics?

Problem-solving in maths involves finding solutions to challenges involving numbers and their relationships. More than abstract knowledge, this is a fundamental skill for people of all ages. Problem-solving teaches children to look at the information presented and find an appropriate solution. It involves defining a problem, reviewing information, and identifying a solution after comparing alternatives.

Why is mathematics problem-solving important?

Problem-solving skills are valuable at every stage of life. Math problems are especially important, as they teach pupils to break down data and find solutions that work in everyday life. These cards support analytical reasoning, flexible thinking, and number literacy, among other skills.

With mathematical thinking skills, pupils learn to make sense of the world through numbers, patterns, shapes and space. As children progress using these cards, they learn to understand relationships, recognise trends, and make predictions based on the data presented. This is important for education and absolutely essential for everyday life. 

Mathematical skills covered in the series

Maths problem-solving questions by Prim-Ed Publishing cover a variety of mathematical skills. Several mathematical word problems are used, with pupils asking maths questions in these key areas:

  • Number and algebra skills relate to the magnitude and properties of numbers. This helps pupils understand connections between numbers, including patterns and operations.
  • Measurement and geometry skills relate to calculations among points, lines, angles, and shapes. This helps pupils understand physical dimensions and relationships.
  • Statistics and chance skills relate to the collection, interpretation, and organisation of data. This area of study is related to probability, which is the likelihood of something happening.

Developing a problem-solving approach to teaching

Math problem-solving questions are the ideal teaching tool. They teach mathematical thinking at a methodical level, using various strategies and activities. For example, one strategy may introduce logical reasoning, and others may teach visualisation and analysis.

Pupils are given access to a range of activities, with each one offering a unique take on core mathematical skills. When teachers utilise problem-solving questions in maths lessons, learning is faster and more fun for pupils.

Let Prim-Ed Publishing solve your maths problems

Problem-Solving Strategies and Skills Maths Cards from Prim-Ed Publishing are a comprehensive resource that enriches the primary school mathematics curriculum. With activities tailored for all levels of ability and extension problems to challenge the more capable, these cards are perfect for enhancing any maths lesson. 

Explore our full range to discover how our mathematics resources can transform your teaching experience. Don't miss the opportunity to empower your pupils with the skills they need for mathematical success. Contact Prim-Ed Publishing today or visit our website to take the first step towards a more engaging and effective maths education.

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