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Big Book of Word Sort Games
Big Book of Word Sort Games

Big Book of Word Sort Games

Big Book of Word Sort Games is a book of phonic activities which can be used as part of a literacy programme for the whole–class, group or individual pupils.

The aim of this publication is to save teachers time and give pupils hands-on experience. The sheets can be photocopied on card and used over and over. The sheets can be incorporated with vocabulary work and are suitable for lower primary pupils or older pupils who need help with phonics.

The sheets can be used to learn words, or can be cut up and used as word sorts. The words can be sorted in a variety of ways:

  • introducing initial sounds or blends
  • homonyms
  • find the words in the dictionary
  • put words in alphabetical order
  • three–letter blends (cat, mat, hat)
  • which words have the same
  • words containing the same digraph ending
  • put selected words in sentences—oral and written
  • revision for known words or
  • rhyming words—group words or find other words new words that rhyme

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