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Early Childhood Learning Centres
Early Childhood Learning Centres

Early Childhood Learning Centres

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Early Childhood Learning Centres is a valuable resource for all teachers of young children.


  • an explanation of learning centres and their importance to the educational development of young pupils
  • guidelines for the type of learning centres to set up
  • suggestions for the type of equipment to provide and how to store and present it
  • ideas for overcoming the problems of lack of space
  • a range of individual, partner and small-group learning centre activities
  • practical ideas for introducing, managing and organising learning centres
  • proformas to use for the assessment of pupils working at learning centres
  • activities to present in developmental, literacy and theme-based learning centres
  • examples of whole-class lessons to be delivered and used as a springboard for further activities at the learning centres, including a list of specific materials required and suggestions for additional activities
  • scope and sequence chart in each section, giving a conceptual overview of specific learning areas that are covered in each activity
  • photocopiable sheets which can be worksheets or templates relating to specific activities or pictures or charts to help with classroom organisation

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