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Lizzie and the Birds Reader - 5 Pack
Lizzie and the Birds Reader - 5 Pack

Lizzie and the Birds Reader - 5 Pack

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With the new Language Curriculum, and its emphasis on oral language, both this book, and its corresponding Teachers Guide, are fantastic resources to use to support your teaching and the pupil’s learning.

This pack includes 5 books. Teacher Guide can be purchased separately.

Lizzie and the Birds is a wonderful illustrated story from the writing team of Mick and Dawn Robertson, that will engage young and old. The story explores the relationship between Lizzie and her dad and is a story about an unlikely friendship that develops between Lizzie and a group of rambunctious birds. This story is packed with humour, lots of chirping heroes, bird-banter and the message that true friendship comes in many different shapes and sizes!

The Teacher Guide includes detailed plans of a wide variety of different activities, with examples of teacher input and modelling, as well as photographs of pupil's writing and classroom displays. It demonstrates how Lizzie and the Birds can be used to inspire pupils to use their imaginations and their English skills in inventive and engaging ways.

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