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Maths Games Galore: Numbers and Operations
Maths Games Galore: Numbers and Operations

Maths Games Galore: Numbers and Operations

Maths Games Galore: each CD in the series combines digital and interactive software to make learning new maths skills fun. Teachers are provided with templates for easy-to-make maths games whilst providing pupils with interactive reinforcement of key mathematical skills. Every game is played by an identical set of rules and directions, making them easy for pupils to navigate for group or independent work.

Numbers and Operations features:

  • counting by ones up to 20
  • recognising, representing and ordering numbers to 20
  • connecting numbers to the quantities they represent using various physical models and representations such as ten frames, tally marks and domino dots
  • modelling simple addition and subtraction
  • Ages 4-6

This is a single-user CD - Site licence for multi-users available to purchase separately.

    What I really like about these Prim-Ed digital games is the fact that they come with a digital book, which includes activity pages and game cards. The teacher can then edit various aspects and print and laminate the games out. It is really important that the classroom just doesn’t focus entirely on digital learning, some children learn better through a physical manipulation. The games all follow the same format as the rest of the CD-ROMs in the series so the child gets used to the rules that go with them. Child has the ability to use 1,2 or 3 player mode. While, these are a great addition to the teaching and learning of maths in the digital world, an added feature that Prim-Ed might think about for their next update would be the area of assessment. It would be good if the child could enter their name and details and work through a set programme, similar to the Number Shark games. The teacher would then have the facility to assess where the child is working and where the child might need further learning of a maths skill.


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