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New Wave English in Practice: 1st Class
New Wave English in Practice: 1st Class

New Wave English in Practice: 1st Class

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New Wave English in Practice focuses on practice, repetition and revision of English language learning, which in turn will help pupils acquire and strengthen the skills they need to be competent and confident in their use of English.

In this daily practice pupil book for 1st Class, there are questions to answer in the areas of spelling, word study, punctuation and grammar. The 150 days of questions are broken into 15 units of 10 days. Each unit has a focus, which will help pupils to improve their English skills as well as their knowledge about how language works.

    A great way of learning. It is great for my son, it helps him so much. I love it so much.

    Brid Purcell

    I have been using Prim Ed’s New Wave English in Practice since I started teaching full time. I used the series with 5th and 6th and then this year with 1st and 2nd. I would recommend this series for homework more so than class work. Below you will find a full outline of the series. I like it because the children are familiar with the series in our school from 1st class all the way up to 6th so the format is the same, which makes it easier for both students and the class teacher. I like how the series covers all aspects of English, from spelling to vocabulary , grammar and punctuation. For 1st and 2nd it comprises of 10 short questions per night which is perfect as it is not too long. The questions are similar from page to page so it enables the children to revise and build on their prior knowledge. There are revision days at the back too which will be useful for the final month of term. It is a six-book English programme of pupil books for 1st to 6th Class pupils. Content: The wide and varied range of content in each pupil book focuses broadly on: spelling vocabulary and word study grammar and punctuation The content targets a wide range of English language structures and concepts within these broad areas and the emphasis is on providing children with daily practice using a concise question format. Repetition and revision help to consolidate the children’s learning. Like their maths’ counterparts, these books recognise, and take full advantage of, the value of incidental teaching and learning. Teachers will welcome the focus on the common problem areas of the English language throughout the series. They will also appreciate how these books address different strands and objectives of the English curriculum in a concise and direct way. The emphasis on practice, repetition and revision will help children acquire and strengthen the skills they need to be competent and confident in their use of English. Structure: Each book comprises 15 units with 10 individual day’s work in each unit. The days are labelled using a numbered format allowing teachers to use the book flexibly and to suit their own teaching style. Revision units are placed at the back of each book. The revision units revise the content, concepts and question type of each unit and are useful for assessment purposes at regular intervals. Alternatively, these units could be used at the end of the year to revise all the content that has been covered. Pupil record sheets have been included in each book to help children record and monitor their own progress.

    Múinteoir Valerie

    I have been using the appropriate books for First and Second classes this year. They are a godsend. Every morning we use them as daily practice. Each unit contains enough variation to cover spellings, phonics, vocabulary, punctuation etc... They are just brilliant for reinforcing and extending the children's command of English. They are so popular in my classroom that the children want to know if there is a 'part 2' for each book as we have almost finished each book. That is truly a measure of their success!! Well done Prim-Ed on an excellent addition to your range of workbooks.

    Niamh Kelly

    I am sure that many teachers out there have used Prim-Ed’s New Wave Mental Maths books. If so, you might be interested in the New Wave English in practice books from Prim-Ed that basically use a very similar approach. The books cover different areas of the English curriculum and are a basic practice book. They start off in 1st Class and run all the way up to 6th Class, again in a similar way to the Mental Maths books. The areas that children can test themselves on are spelling, vocab and grammar. The daily tests are designed for each child to complete in a set amount of time. This approach will suit teachers that enjoy using repetition as a teaching methodology but might not suit the teacher who is more focused on active learning. However, a teacher can pick and choose which areas they would like to focus on as the books are designed using a numbered format as opposed to a “Day one/Monday” format. Pupil record sheets have been included in each book to help children keep note and monitor their own progress by using self-assessment.


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