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New Wave Mental Maths: 2nd Class
New Wave Mental Maths: 2nd Class

New Wave Mental Maths: 2nd Class

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New Wave Mental Maths: 2nd Class was designed to strengthen and develop the mental arithmetic of 2nd Class pupils. This 40-week mathematics programme will consolidate pupils’ mathematical skills and concepts through mental maths and problem-solving concepts. 

The 2nd Class book features:

  • pictorial and written representations of problems in both the problem-solving and daily columns;
  • comprehensive coverage and consolidation of mental mathematics concepts;
  • practice in speed of recall;

    The New Wave Mental Maths series is an excellent means of revision for classes. It contains short exercises on all strands and strand units of the Primary School Curriculum. It has a great layout with ten questions for each day of the week. The programme can be easily used as a homework book for Maths.

    Darragh Kinsella

    I use New Wave Mental Maths each year in First and Second Classes for homework Monday-Thursday. There are 10 questions each night. Students are able to answer most of the questions by themselves and there are one or two challenging questions each night. We do the Friday box in school on Fridays. This shows me how well the student has grasped the new concepts. Well laid out book..

    Sinéad Murphy

    Mental Maths is a wonderful resource for any teacher. I can't recommend it highly enough.There is never enough time in a teacher's day for all the topics we not alone have to introduce and teach but we also have to constantly revise. Mental maths takes some of the pressure off for revision. It also times the introduction of new topics really well. I have used it for many years and hope to continue to use it for many more!

    Gillian Connolly

    Mental Maths was a great way of ensuring consistent revisiting of topics that the children find tricky. Time, shape, problem-solving- it's all there. The main problem I had was differentiation - the child who was a class level below still wanted to do the book with everyone else and the child at the top of the curve would have finished by the time others had their pencils out.

    Valerie Marjoram

    New wave mental maths is a huge hit in our school. Mornings run so smoothly in each class as children just take out their mental maths and get started themselves. It is extremely child friendly and covers the various strands of the curriculum well. Pupils learn a lot before they even come across it in their core maths book. Children love their new wave mental maths. Cant wait to try out its sister book in the grammar one.

    Laura Quinlan

    I would agree with all the reviews I've read. it provides for the teacher a way to ensure the children are kept in touch with the strands. The children will remind the teacher of the daily exercise. because they enjoy it. As a teacher of 4 classes it's extremely helpful. The references at the back are great because they're the bits that can be forgotten by a child as they don't crop up very often. e g an elipse . The fraction reference is handy along with the 2D and 3 D shape information. It is an exercise that can be corrected collaboratively. I love it!

    Deirdre Ni Dhonnchadha

    Excellent workbook with daily practice to reinforce Maths concepts. Pupils encounter a variety of questions to help them revise key concepts. Daily tests are quick and very worthwhile do with a class or learning support group. Children grow in confidence as the weeks progress as similar questions are repeated but also more challenging as the year progresses. We use the programme in all classes from 1st to 6th.

    A. Quinn

    New Wave Mental Maths are used throughout the school. It covers all strands daily and there is repetition of types of questions weekly. A fantastic resource covering the whole maths curriculum. Children really benefit from daily practice of all the strands. Overall, very useful.

    Cáit Uí Raghallaigh

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