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The Christmas Kit: Upper eBook
The Christmas Kit: Upper eBook

The Christmas Kit: Upper eBook

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The Christmas Kit is a superb three-book photocopiable series for this seasonal time of the year, now available in eBook format. The upper book in the series enables pupils to work independently, in small groups or as a whole class under teacher direction. It has been designed to capture the pupil’s imagination and promote creativity while addressing skill development and cross-curricular learning.


  • cross-curricular activities include English, maths, science, geography, religious education, art and design technology
  • ideal for independent, small group or whole class use
  • comprehensive teachers notes accompany each page, and include answers and additional activities
  • PDF download

**This eBook is not transferable, nor can it be on-sold or uploaded to an intranet site. For full copyright details, please see the Copyright Notice outlined in the eBook.**

    I am impressed so far with the books, the lessons are quite different and unique. There are so many ideas and templates available online for Christmas, but they are all so similar in nature, and a lot of the time they look really pretty and cute, but there isn’t a whole lot of substance to them. My Christmas Kit books however, are curriculum linked. That is what I like most about these books, and it is a common vein in all Prim-ed resources I have used. The lessons are clearly linked to the Irish curriculum. The children have to think, create and concentrate to complete the lessons and activities in these books. Sometimes it is all very well and good to download a colourful template from the internet and make a nice display, but when you sit back and think, ‘what were the objectives of the lesson?’, you may come up with a blank! I shall give an example of a lesson from the upper primary Christmas Kit. The title of the lesson is ‘Different Seasons’. The learning objectives are to use texts to compare and contrast the way Christmas is celebrated in countries with hot and cold climates. The lesson contains a comprehension piece about Christmas in different countries, with a number of really substantial questions. E.g. Is your Christmas in the summer or winter? Imagine having Christmas in the season opposite to that you are used to. Write a short story or poem about what Christmas would be like. Try to use as many facts from the text as possible. That is just one of the questions but as you can see it has lots of parts and requires real work and effort. There are also additional activities, e.g. write the diary entries of a child celebrating Christmas when it is very hot or cold, or create a play about a Christmas that is different from yours. Use three or four characters, rehearse and perform the play with people in your class. The lessons are really ‘meaty’ for want of a better word! One lesson would easily stretch over a week with all the additional activities.

    Múinteoir Valerie

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