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New Wave Handwriting

New Wave Handwriting is a comprehensive series of educational books designed to enhance the handwriting skills of primary school pupils. Prim-Ed Publishing’s series is designed to equip pupils with the essential skills for developing a fluid and legible modern style of cursive handwriting.

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Improve reading fluency through great handwriting

Give your pupils the practice they need to succeed in writing legibly, fluently, and quickly. By achieving mastery of handwriting through repeated exercises, pupils can concentrate on developing their ideas rather than on their effort to write.

New Wave Handwriting is a whole-school programme for Irish schools that will give you the tools to plan and execute a successful handwriting strategy.


The New Wave Handwriting series includes:

  • Pupil Workbooks for Junior Infants to 4th Class that place a major emphasis on a variety of pattern practice to facilitate the pupil’s acquisition of each letter.
  • Teacher Guides to support the teaching of handwriting skills and the activities in the Pupil Workbooks.
  • Teacher Resource Books for 5th and 6th Class full of photocopiable resources to enable teachers to plan and assess handwriting in the classroom. They also provide greater flexibility for older pupils and individual instruction where required.


Features of the series:

  • Cursive handwriting programme for Irish schools
  • Whole-school programme 
  • Cross-curricular activities
  • Diagnostics and assessment
  • Consolidation and remediation
  • Differentiation


What's new with New Wave Handwriting?

  • Pupil workbook for 4th Class
  • Free online demonstration tool, enabling teachers to demonstrate lowercase and uppercase letters in cursive font to the whole class

Check out the free online demonstration tool!


Free New Wave Handwriting Extras

When your class adopts the programme, you will:

  • Gain access to the new online demonstration tool 
  • Receive a complimentary copy of the Teacher Guide.


Why teaching cursive handwriting matters

Handwriting is not just about forming pretty letters on paper; it's a complex skill that plays a pivotal role in a child's development. It involves the integration of fine and gross motor skills, visual memory, and cognitive abilities. New Wave Handwriting recognises the multifaceted nature of this skill and strives to make it an enjoyable and enriching experience for young learners.


New Wave Handwriting develops key skills

Fluid and legible cursive handwriting

The New Wave Handwriting series focuses on teaching pupils a contemporary cursive handwriting style that is not only beautiful, but highly legible.

Fine and gross motor integration

New Wave Handwriting cultivates the seamless integration of gross and fine motor skills, enabling pupils to write with precision and fluency.

Visual memory

This series nurtures visual memory, a key skill for recognising and recalling letter formations, words, and phrases.

Cognitive agility

Cursive writing is a complex skill that engages cognitive abilities. New Wave Handwriting enhances cognitive skills like concentration, sequencing, and problem-solving.

Teaching handwriting and cognitive development

Consistently teaching cursive writing has been shown to enhance cognitive function and improve memory recall. The teaching strategies in the series not only improve handwriting, but also support overall cognitive development.

Physical development

To achieve a successful cursive writing style, New Wave Handwriting addresses various physical development aspects:

  • Bilateral integration: Coordinating both sides of the body.
  • Crossing the midline: Ensuring smooth movement of the hand across the paper.
  • Hand and finger strength: Building the necessary muscle strength for control.
  • Hand-eye coordination: Training the eyes and hands to work in harmony.
  • Hand dominance: Establishing a consistent dominant hand.
  • Hand division: Understanding word and space divisions.
  • Object manipulation and control: Mastery of writing tools.  
  • Body awareness: Developing spatial awareness and posture.


Benefits of handwriting practice in pupil workbooks

Handwriting continues to be a valuable asset in our digital age, with many benefits to mastering cursive style:

  • Relevance: In an era dominated by keyboards and touchscreens, handwriting remains indispensable for everyday tasks like creating shopping lists, taking notes, and writing personal letters.
  • Cognitive advancement: New Wave Handwriting not only teaches beautiful script, but also enhances cognitive abilities, empowering pupils to think critically and remember information more effectively.
  • Physical proficiency: Through New Wave Handwriting, children develop the physical dexterity necessary for neat letter formation and controlled penmanship.
  • Holistic approach: New Wave Handwriting adopts a holistic approach to education, considering both physical and cognitive aspects of this vital skill.

By choosing New Wave Handwriting, you're equipping your pupils with essential skills and ensuring a brighter future.


Choose handwriting practice resources from Prim-Ed Publishing

New Wave Handwriting ensures that pupils not only master the art of cursive handwriting, but also undergo holistic development that paves the way for success in various aspects of life.

Invest in the future of your pupils with New Wave Handwriting from Prim-Ed Publishing. Order online today or contact our team for more information about our English teaching resources.


Frequently asked questions

What is New Wave Handwriting?

New Wave Handwriting is a comprehensive educational programme designed for Irish schools. It provides the necessary tools and guidance to help schools plan and implement an effective handwriting strategy. This programme aims to support educators in enhancing their pupils’ handwriting skills, ensuring a successful and structured approach to teaching this essential skill.

Why is cursive writing taught in primary school?

Teaching cursive writing in primary school offers various educational, cognitive, and practical benefits. It equips young children with important skills for both academic and real-world situations, while also preserving a valuable aspect of cultural and historical heritage.

How can teachers use this resource to teach handwriting?

By utilising the New Wave Handwriting series, teachers can provide pupils with a comprehensive and engaging approach to handwriting instruction. The combination of online resources, Teacher Guides, skill practice, and cross-curricular themes ensures that pupils develop strong handwriting skills while also making connections to other areas of their education.

Is handwriting a part of the Irish Curriculum?

Yes, handwriting is an integral part of the Irish Curriculum, aligning with the Writing Learning Outcomes specified in the new Language Curriculum. Handwriting is a fundamental aspect of literacy and communication, and it plays a crucial role in a pupil’s overall language development.

Resources in this series:

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