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New Wave Handwriting: Junior Infants
New Wave Handwriting: Junior Infants
New Wave Handwriting: Junior Infants
New Wave Handwriting: Junior Infants

New Wave Handwriting: Junior Infants

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The New Wave Handwriting series helps pupils develop a fluid and legible modern style of cursive handwriting.

The content in the pupil book for Junior Infants is based on pre-cursive letters, with the 1st Class pupil book formally beginning a fully cursive style. Consistent with the Writing Learning Outcomes specified in the new Language Curriculum which states: ‘Write upper and lowercase letters as separate, flowing letters’ (Stage 1, Junior and Senior Infants).

  • Each book places a major emphasis on a variety of pattern practice to facilitate the pupil’s acquisition of each letter.
  • Sequence of letters carefully arranged: At infant level, the Jolly Phonics sequence for letter introduction is mirrored. From 1st Class on-wards, the progression is based on clockwise and anticlockwise letter formation, while diagonal and horizontal joins are carefully introduced.
  • Red and blue guiding lines are used to help pupils learn letter sizes and spacing.
  • Emphasis on practice throughout, at the individual letter level, progressing to words and sentences, finishing in paragraphs.
  • Each book contains a variety of separate activities that involve cross-curricular themes, drawn from areas such as Gaeilge, history, geography, English and SPHE.
  • Different animal characters are used in each book – these characters are used as teaching aids to help pupils learn the body letters, the head and body letters and the body and tail letters.

Enable teachers to demonstrate lower and upper case letters in cursive font to the whole-class with the online demonstration tool. 

 Check out the free online demonstration tool here

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