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Primary Comprehension

Primary Comprehension is a series of seven books designed to develop pupils’ comprehension of text, both fiction and non-fiction, throughout the whole school.


  • Twenty different texts from a variety of genre are used including legends, fables, science fiction, adventure, poetry, biographies, journals and reports.
  • Each unit is covered over four pages:
    • teachers page (which details genre type, the comprehension strategy developed, answers and extension work) – either fiction or non-fiction
    • questions to assess pupil comprehension using three levels of questions - literal, deductive and evaluative
    • activities to practise and investigate a specific comprehension strategy.
  • Nine specific strategies are covered in each book: predicting, making connections, comparing, sensory imaging, determining importance, skimming, scanning, synthesising, and summarising.
  • Detailed teacher notes include curriculum links, genre definition, information on question types, comprehension strategies and shared and guided reading.

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