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Reading for Me

reading for me workbooks

Reading for Me is a fun, new-style kids’ literacy series that helps them to become independent readers through engaging daily activities. The series caters to different year levels, with six books, each broken into two parts.

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Free accessible stories 

Part A (60 texts) is a physical workbook that uses different writing styles and functions, such as imaginary, factual and persuasive, to facilitate pupils’ reading in both the classroom and at home. Each short story is accompanied by six questions that gauge a child’s reading skills and help to develop them as they move through the series.  

Part A includes access to Part B (additional 60 texts), an online portal built to encourage fantastic collaboration between students by giving teachers the ability to project the stories and questions onto a screen for all to see. Part B also includes the answers to Part A online. Click here or watch it in action below. 


Why choose Reading for Me?

  • Easy implementation: Teachers can effortlessly incorporate Reading for Me into their classrooms or assign it as homework. The series is designed to be quick and straightforward to implement, saving valuable instructional time. 
  • Consolidation of reading skills: The included questions in the books reinforce reading ability and comprehension skills. Teachers can use these questions to ensure that pupils have read and understood the texts effectively. 
  • Variety of genres and writing styles: Reading for Me has short texts written in a wide variety of genres across both fiction and non-fiction to broaden the scope of children’s reading. In addition, the reading challenge of the texts increases gradually, so teachers and parents can be assured that children’s reading skills are developed as they progress through the class level and series. We have used Lexile levelling to achieve this. 
  • Dyslexia-friendly font: Throughout the series, a specially designed font for dyslexic readers is used. This font enhances readability, making the learning experience more accessible.
  • Independent learning: Reading for Me empowers children to take control of their reading journey. It is designed to be user-friendly, allowing children to use the materials independently.



Key features

  • Each class level consists of two parts, providing 15 weeks of texts in total (with four texts per week). Book A is a print workbook, while Book B is available online.
  • Children are encouraged to read one text each day at home (Monday to Thursday), resulting in 120 texts per class level.
  • The series includes a variety of text types, topics and illustrations to ensure interest and engagement from different reading levels.
  • Each text is accompanied by a page containing six questions, enabling teachers to monitor reading progress.
  • Answers are provided online, allowing teachers and parents to check progress or enabling children to self-assess their work.

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Frequently asked questions

What age group is Reading for Me suitable for?

Reading for Me is designed for children across different class levels (1st to 6th). The series caters to a range of ages, ensuring that each child can find appropriate reading materials and activities.

How does Reading for Me support children with dyslexia?

Prim-Ed Publishing understands the importance of accessibility for all learners. Reading for Me incorporates a dyslexia-friendly font, specifically designed to enhance reading ease and comprehension for children with dyslexia.

How many texts are included in each year level of Reading for Me?

Each class level in Reading for Me consists of two workbooks, offering 15 weeks of texts in total. With four texts per week, children will have access to a variety of engaging reading materials throughout the year.

Can Reading for Me be used in both classrooms and at home?

Yes, absolutely! Reading for Me is designed to be versatile and can be used in both classroom settings and for independent reading at home. It provides engaging activities and resources for various learning environments.

Are the questions included in the worksheets aligned with educational standards?

Yes, the questions in Reading for Me are designed to align with educational standards, ensuring that children develop essential reading skills as they progress through the series.

Can parents track their child's progress with Reading for Me?

Parents can check their child's reading success by using the accompanying worksheets and accessing the online portal. The answers to the questions are available online, allowing parents to monitor their child's progress and offer support as needed.

Can teachers project the stories and questions onto a screen for the entire class to see?

Yes, Reading for Me provides an online portal, Part B, which allows teachers to project the stories and questions onto a screen to view. This promotes collaboration and interactive learning within the classroom environment.

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