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Sounds in Focus

Engage your pupils with stimulating activities to develop language proficiency. 

  • Identify and discover graphemes. 
  • Develop strategies for spelling.
  • Explore and extend vocabulary.
Develops much more than spelling.

It builds vocabulary and ensures that words are used in context. Grammar elements are built into each unit, ensuring that teachers can work on these essential areas of writing in a holistic way.

Foster an active, thinking appoach to spelling. 

Pupils are encouraged to ‘Explore the Sound’ by brainstorming and making lists of words that contain the sound. These words can be sorted by the graphemes that are used, enabling pupils to appreciate that a sound can be spelled in many ways.

Phonemic awareness approach to learning to spell.

This whole-school spelling and language programme was designed and developed around a phonemic awareness approach to learning to spell. Phonemic awareness is identified as one of the learning outcomes in the new Language Curriculum. This whole-school programme ensures that phonemic awareness is developed progressively through each class level. Promote a deeper understanding by replacing rote learning with strategies for reading, writing and spelling. It includes clever ideas for direct instruction and play-based learning activities.

Ideal for multi-grade classrooms.

The pupil books for 1st to 6th Class feature the same Sound Unit on the same page. This makes it easy to teach the focus sound to the whole class, then direct pupils to work on the Sound Unit with words and concepts appropriate to their level.

When your class adopts the programme: 

  • enjoy 12-months complimentary access to Sounds in Focus Online. The online portal provides extra content to support the teaching and learning of concepts covered in the pupil book. 
  • receive a complimentary copy of the Teacher Guide. Each unit in the book is given a thorough treatment in the Teacher Guide, which guides the teacher through a Monday-Friday schedule of work.

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