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Sounds in Focus

A whole-school spelling and language programme from Junior Infants to 6th Class.

Use Sounds in Focus at each class level, to develop language proficiency by continually developing:

  • spelling skills
  • vocabulary
  • grammar concepts
  • writing


  • This spelling programme was designed and developed around a phonemic awareness approach to learning to spell. Phonemic awareness is identified as one of the learning outcomes in the new Language Curriculum. This whole-school programme ensures that phonemic awareness is developed progressively through each class level.
  • The Writing strand of the new Language Curriculum highlights spelling as one of the writing learning outcomes, stating that pupils should learn to ‘spell a wide range of high frequency words accurately and use spelling strategies for unfamiliar words’. The Sounds in Focus programme does both, in particular equipping pupils with the strategies to recognise that the sounds of English can be represented with different graphemes and then examining which grapheme is correct out of the potential possibilities.
  • Sounds in Focus also fosters an active, thinking approach to spelling. For each sound, the pupils are encouraged to ‘Explore the Sound’ by brainstorming and making lists of words that contain the sound. They then categorise and sort the words by the graphemes that are used. In this way, they begin to appreciate that a sound can be spelled in many different ways.
  • Sounds in Focus develops much more than spelling. It builds vocabulary and ensures that words are used in context. Grammar elements are built into each unit, ensuring that teachers can work on these essential areas of writing in a holistic way.
  • The whole-school nature of the programme means that pupils are revising and building upon the same sounds each year from Junior Infants up to 6th Class. The programme ensures that pupils become very comfortable with segmenting words into their sounds.
  • Each class level has 36 units of work, designed to fit into the school year. Each unit is based on a specific phoneme(s), and with the teacher’s help and assistance, pupils explore the grapheme(s) that can be used to represent it. Each unit is given a thorough treatment in the Teacher Guide, which guides the teacher through a Monday-Friday schedule of work.

A 12-month subscription to Sounds in Focus will provide you with:

  • Pupil Books
  • Teacher Guide
  • Support Material including Teaching Charts, Pupil Glance Cards and My Book of Words and Sounds
  • Access to Sounds in Focus Online which offers:
    • Weekly lesson plans
    • Teaching slideshows
    • Projectable Pupil Book pages – and answers
    • List and extension word segmenting tool – and answers
    • 200+ downloadable copymasters per year
    • Content and Diagnostic Tests with remediation
    • Separate teacher and pupil login areas

Take a closer look inside Sounds in Focus:

A Closer Look
Pupil Book
Teacher Guide
Pupil Glance Card


Sounds in Focus is priced per pupil for a 12-month annual subscription to the online portal and includes all printed material. However, we can tailor the programme to best suit your school or individual classroom requirements.

Each print component of Sounds in Focus is also available to purchase separately. Shop below 

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