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The Literacy Box

The Literacy Box is an educational resource designed to help primary school pupils develop and improve their literacy skills. Prim-Ed Publishing understands the vital role that literacy plays in children's learning and development. Our teaching materials are designed to support and enhance pupils' literacy skills through fun, engaging, and interactive activities. Our approach allows children to learn at their own pace, building confidence and ability as they progress.

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Features of The Literacy Box series

The Literacy Box series is a set of extra learning materials to help consolidate pupils' comprehension skills and improve key aspects of literacy.

Our resources are created with a focus on engaging and interactive cross-curricular activities, making learning enjoyable and fulfilling for pupils.


Skills covered in The Literacy Box series

The Literacy Box is designed to ensure continuous development in these four areas:

  • Reading
  • Comprehension strategies
  • Word study and vocabulary
  • Grammar


What’s inside The Literacy Box?

  • Teacher Guide: A comprehensive Teacher Guide containing over 200 pages of teaching materials, suggestions, and photocopiable activities.
  • 75 × Literacy cards: Each four-page colour coded card includes:
    • Page 1 – Reading text
    • Page 2 – Comprehension practice
    • Page 3 – Word study activities
    • Page 4 – Grammar and punctuation questions
  • 75 × Answer cards: An independent correcting scheme allows pupils to self-assess reading responses and gain more confidence.


How to use The Literacy Box

Each colour-coded card is divided into a four-page structure:

  • Reading text: High-interest reading material is divided into numbered paragraphs with related illustrations.
  • Comprehension strategies practice: Questions target comprehension strategies to improve pupils’ understanding of what they read. This includes techniques such as summarising, questioning, and making inferences.
  • Word study and vocabulary activities: By extending vocabulary, pupils are better equipped to understand intricate texts and are encouraged to use new words in everyday speaking and writing.
  • Grammar and punctuation questions: Grammar skills are honed through questions that encourage pupils to examine the same text from a different viewpoint.


Why choose The Literacy Box?

  • Excellent for matching reading material to individual pupils’ interests and reading ability.
  • The reading material is based on high-interest topics that link to key curricular themes and appeal to pupils, ensuring that they encounter a variety of genres.
  • Self-correcting answer cards encourage pupils to become independent readers.
  • Reading cards free up the teacher’s time to work with individuals and engage in group work strategies.
  • Comprehensive Teacher Guide offers additional ideas, cross-curricular activities, answers, and lots of time-saving photocopiable materials.


Importance of literacy skills

Literacy skills refer to the ability to read, write, listen, speak, and create texts fluently. Literacy skills are vital to children’s learning and development as they form the basis of our communication and engagement with the world around us. With strong literacy skills, children can comprehend and interpret information, think critically, and make informed decisions.


Literacy resources from Prim-Ed Publishing

Whether in the classroom or at home, The Literacy Box offers a comprehensive range of materials and activities to help pupils learn and improve their literacy skills. Our resources include high-interest reading material, comprehension strategies, grammar, punctuation and word study questions, and writing prompts.


Frequently asked questions

What is The Literacy Box?

The Literacy Box is an educational resource designed by Prim-Ed Publishing to enhance literacy skills in primary school pupils. It offers a comprehensive range of exercises and activities that cover reading, comprehension, vocabulary, grammar, and more.

Who is The Literacy Box intended for?

The Literacy Box is aimed at primary school pupils who could benefit from additional practice in literacy skills. It serves as a supplementary resource to the Irish primary curriculum.

What areas of literacy does it cover?

The Literacy Box covers key areas like reading, comprehension strategies, word study and vocabulary, and grammar. It also aids in developing writing and spelling skills through integrated practice.

Is it suitable for group activities?

Yes, The Literacy Box can be effectively used for group activities, enabling peer-to-peer learning. However, it is also flexible enough for individual study.

Can teachers customise the activities?

The Literacy Box is designed with flexibility in mind, allowing teachers to select activities that best suit the learning needs and levels of their pupils.

Resources in this series:

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