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The Literacy Box

The Literacy Box is a supplementary literacy resource providing practice in these four areas:

  • reading – fiction and non-fiction passages incorporating a wide variety of genres
  • comprehension strategies
  • word study and vocabulary
  • grammar.

What’s in the box?

  • Teachers Guide containing 200+ pages of teaching suggestions and photocopiable activities.
  • 75 × four-page literacy cards
    • Page 1 – reading piece
    • Page 2 – comprehension practice
    • Page 3 – word study activities
    • Page 4 – grammar and punctuation questions
  • 75 × answer cards

How to use the box

Each card is divided into a four-page structure:

  • reading text divided into numbered paragraphs along with related illustrations on the first page
  • comprehension questions on the second page help promote understanding of the text
  • word study and vocabulary questions on the third page ensure a different focus of attention on the text from the pupil
  • grammar and punctuation questions on the fourth page encourage pupils to examine the same text from a different viewpoint.

Helping you decide

  • Excellent for matching reading material to individual pupil’s interests and reading ability.
  • The reading material is based on high-interest topics (incorporating content that has strong cross-curricular links) that appeal to pupils and ensure pupils encounter a wide range of genres.
  • Self-correcting answer cards promote independence in pupils and free up the teacher’s time to work with individuals/groups.
  • Comprehensive Teachers Guide offering additional ideas, activities, answers and lots of time-saving photocopiables.

Download a free sample here.


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