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New Wave Pre-Writing Patterns Pupil Book
New Wave Pre-Writing Patterns Pupil Book

New Wave Pre-Writing Patterns Pupil Book

New Wave Pre-writing Patterns prepares children for letter formation and aids the smooth transition to writing alphabet letters. Written by occupational therapists, this simple activity book presents a systematic and fun approach for teaching the foundation skills that are essential for children to learn the pre-writing patterns used to make pictures and then combined to make letters and numbers.

New Wave Pre-writing Patterns introduces each new pattern in three steps:

  • Step 1: Learn the new pattern as a big body movement. At this initial stage it is essential that the oral prompting clues are also established.
  • Step 2: Use art activities to practise the new movement, in big and small ways, to form a memory for making pre-writing patterns.
  • Step 3: Consolidate the new movement and pattern through pre-writing pattern activity sheets.

    New wave Pre-writing patterns is a simple and fun workbook for teaching the basic skills necessary for beginning handwriting. It goes through six basic movements that are necessary for children to learn as they begin their journey to handwriting. I would highly recommend this book AND the A3 Write On posters. I had a lend of the posters this year and they were highly popular, even at Aistear time! If you are buying the book, buy the posters!

    Gabrielle Healy

    Finally, a stand alone pre-writing workbook. I am so tried of Junior Infant writing workbooks that have a few token pre-writing pages. Pre-writing skills should not be rushed! Well done to Prim-Ed for producing this fine publication.

    Miss Mernagh

    The New Wave Pre-Writing Patterns workbooks were written and developed by occupational therapists, this is what I really like about them. They do not move into letter formation, which we teach a bit too early in some Irish classrooms. The workbooks focus on a range of fine-motor activities that develop manipulative skills, a dominant hand and ability to use hands together, which is quite unique for a writing scheme. The activities focus in on 6 different types of basic patterns from sideways to down, back and under. These activities eventually lead onto a formal writing programme that could be followed in late Senior Infants/early 1st Class. To accompany these workbooks, we have the Pre-writing patterns Write-on posters. Twelve beautiful double sided and laminated posters(A3). Children and teachers can practice the patterns they are working on in the workbook. An integrated approach is ensured. The final product which is an essential in every infant teacher’s classroom are the sandpaper letters, available in lower and upper case. A brilliant and simple way for children to practice their letter formation before a formal programme is started or even side by side. So, I can highly recommend all of these products as essential resources for beginning and developing hand writing in the early years.


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