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School Saver- Science: A STEM Approach
School Saver- Science: A STEM Approach

School Saver- Science: A STEM Approach

Science: A STEM Approach is a series of photocopiable copymasters designed to enhance the teaching of science by:

  • boosting teacher confidence in delivering both science learning and STEM activities;
  • developing opportunities for pupils to explore their own ideas and learning;
  • ensuring a range of opportunities to develop scientific skills through practical activities, observing, recording and measuring;
  • promoting active learning, scientific inquiry, exploration and the testing of hypotheses and ideas; and
  • providing practical suggestions and ideas for using readily available resources.

The copymasters are available for Infants up to 6th Class.

Each one adopts the successful model of integrating STEM into the curriculum through teaching the science part of a topic and then developing this in a cross-curricular fashion, incorporating technology and/or engineering skills. These copymasters are an ideal supplement to an existing science scheme or they can provide the content, ideas and resources from which to build science teaching and learning throughout the school. By the end of 6th Class, pupils will be well prepared for secondary school, particularly in the areas of science, technology and engineering.

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