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School Saver- Teaching Writing Strategies
School Saver- Teaching Writing Strategies

School Saver- Teaching Writing Strategies

Teaching Writing Strategies is a series of six books with the explicit, overarching aim of teaching the skills and strategies required to improve the clarity, correctness and richness of a pupil's writing.

The books are divided into four sections:
  • word choices
  • sentence structure
  • punctuation
  • editing/proofreading

Within the series, pupils are taught to recognise, choose and use specific strategies. The focus is on the process of writing, rather than on practising, in this instance, specific text types. To this end, priority is given to improving writing at the sentence level. There is a strong hands-on emphasis in each book; that is, there is an expectation that the pupils will write to demonstrate their knowledge and understanding.

Unlike many other writing resources, the desired outcome is to have the pupils structuring correct, enriched sentences to more clearly convey ideas and information. The ultimate goal is for them to produce clear, precise writing for a specific purpose and to understand that proofreading and editing is an integral part of the writing process.

Each of the 16 units has a page of assessment activities and an assessment writing topic. These should be worked on independently and will:

(a) give the teacher a record of individual understanding and achievement; and

(b) highlight common points of weakness, which may require further assistance.

Teacher recording sheets, a pupil proofreading checklist sheet and a pupil self evaluation sheet are provided.

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