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Speaking and Listening: Upper
Speaking and Listening: Upper

Speaking and Listening: Upper

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Speaking and Listening for 5th-6th Class is a comprehensive photocopiable book, filled with oral language activities to develop and support the Learning Outcomes of the new Primary Language Curriculum.

The book covers acquisition and use of vocabulary, categorising, elaboration, description, and sentence structure among many other outcomes. 


  • contemporary and fun activities that pupils will love
  • each speaking and listening topic consists of one page of teachers notes and two pages of copymasters
  • detailed teachers notes include activity objective, summary of activities, background information, list of things to prepare before the lesson, suggestions on how to teach the lesson, answers (where applicable) and additional/ extension activities.

    At the beginning of the book, there is a handy Speaking and Listening assessment proforma for each lesson. This could be time consuming for each child but maybe useful for focusing in on certain students. There was no reference to differentiation within the lesson plans. all in all, this book will cover your full yearly plan for Oral English in 5th and 6th Class. I found this publication a joy to use in the busy 5th Class! I was quite worried when I initially started my yearly planning for Oral English, there seemed so much to cover and the resources available for Oral English did not cover the curriculum fully and seemed to go off on their own agenda! The photocopies were really useful and they stimulated conversation, pair and group work. However, sometimes I did not use the photocopies as I focused in on the oral aspects within the lesson plans. The lesson plans within the book are a life saver, easy to use and pick up. They are broken down into “Aims”, “ Background information”, “Activities covered”, and “Additional activities”. The best thing of all for me was that the lessons had a sense of humour, pace and great fun to teach as well as learn about. The children enjoyed as well as ticking the boxes in their learning! This book does not need fancy extras! It does what it says on the tin! It is a well thought out and imaginative product based totally on the Irish curriculum. It is easy to use and fun to use as a discrete Oral English lesson. Every 5th-6th Teacher should have one!


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