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Maths Assessment

Maths Assessment is a photocopiable ready-to-use resource for comprehensively assessing pupil progress with the maths curriculum for each class level (1st to 6th class). Provides teachers with clear assessment information on their pupils' achievements allowing more effective planning for future teaching and pupil learning.


  • one photocopiable assessment page for each objective from each strand of the Irish maths curriculum
  • each page clearly identifies the objective being assessed along with a place for teachers to record pupil performance on the task
  • has accompanying teachers notes, which include curriculum links, suggestions for other activities and answers
  • easy to use assessment proformas
  • activities suitable for inclusion in portfolios of pupils' work
  • self-evaluation opportunities - ideal for inclusion in pupil's own self-assessmentfolders providing samples of children's performance at various points throughout the year 
  • excellent resources for:
    • ongoing assessment of each child in the class
    • informing future planning
    • reference during parent-teacher conferences and when writing end of year reports
    • monitoring of special needs pupils
    • passing on information to the next class teacher
  • an efficient, accountable and informative means of collecting and presenting assessment data
  • provides clear and accountable evidence to show how pupils have progressed in meeting the learning outcomes/objectives as identified in the curriculum
  • clear explanations for parents

The information obtained from using this resource can be used for both Assessment for Learning (AfL) and Assessment of Learning (AoL) approaches as set out in the National Literacy and Numeracy Strategy document.

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