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My Spelling Workbook

Develop a class of independent spellers

My Spelling Workbook uses a multi-sensory approach to spelling using ‘look, say, trace, cover, write, check’. The series promotes independent learning of spelling in context and features a proven metacognitive approach to spelling, whereby pupils are taught how to approach learning different spelling strategies whilst incorporating their own individual learning style.

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Through using all aspects of thinking, pupils learn not only how to spell but also how to retain and use these words in context.

Success with My Spelling Workbook is achieved through the reinforcement activities provided in the series. The workbooks cover spelling strategies in a fun, creative way ensuring that both the pupil and teacher enjoy the learning process.

My Spelling Workbook features:

  • 18 four-page spelling units per workbook - one for every two weeks of the school year.
  • Full-colour workbooks with phonetically organised word lists.
  • Opportunities for pupils to retain spelling patterns, word meanings and improve accuracy through a variety of active learning methodologies.
  • Opportunities to learn how to spell commonly used functional words.
  • Variety of activities focusing on proofreading, crosswords, word searches, word meaning and vocabulary, visual inspection and puzzles.
  • Supported by dictation, assessment, spelling games and spelling worksheets.
  • Suitable for Senior Infants to 6th Class.



Additional interactive spelling activities and games for the whiteboard:

Reinforce phonic skills, word meaning, commonly misspelled words, maths and computer words. Compatible with PC operating systems only.

  • Interactive Spelling Activities - My Spelling Workbook - Book A
  • Interactive Spelling Activities - My Spelling Workbook - Book B
  • Interactive Spelling Activities - My Spelling Workbook - Book C
  • Interactive Spelling Activities - My Spelling Workbook - Book D
  • Interactive Spelling Activities - My Spelling Workbook - Book E
  • Interactive Spelling Activities - My Spelling Workbook - Book F
  • Interactive Spelling Activities - My Spelling Workbook - Book G


When your class adopts this spelling programme:

Receive a complimentary copy of the Teacher Guide.


Spelling teachers guides

To gain full value from the My Spelling Workbooks, use the corresponding Teacher Guide. Each Teacher Guide provides an abundance of resources to supplement the My Spelling Workbooks. This includes photocopiable worksheets, games, assessments and more. View the preview guides on each product page to find out more.


Frequently asked questions

What are the benefits of using workbooks to teach spelling? 

The My Spelling Workbook ensures pupils are able to take an active learning approach to spelling. Each book engages pupils through the use of different activities to foster learning in a positive and engaging way. 

Does each pupil require their own workbook?

Yes, the workbook is designed to be used by each child individually throughout the course of the school year. The Teacher Guide contains printable resources to supplement learning.

What book corresponds to each class level?

Each book is designed to complement the Irish Primary School Language Curriculum. Each book corresponds to a different primary school class level with the first book suitable for Senior Infants.

How long does each book take to complete?

Each My Spelling Workbook contains 18 four-page spelling units. The book is designed to be completed over the course of the school year, meaning there is one unit of spelling activities per fortnight.

What resources are covered in the Teacher Guide?

The comprehensive Teacher Guide contains photocopiable resources to support the My Spelling Workbooks. This includes information on the metacognitive approach to encourage independent learning, supplementary material that provide extra ideas to support your learning programme and assessment resources. The guide also contains many spelling game worksheets to encourage learning in a fun and engaging way.

What is ‘look, say, trace, cover, write, check’?

The ‘look, say, trace, cover, write, check’ strategy is a spelling strategy taught to children in schools. The My Spelling Workbook encourages this strategy by having the child:

  1. Look at the word
  2. Speak the word out loud
  3. Trace the word out in the workbook
  4. Cover the word with their hand or paper
  5. Then write the word themselves
  6. Check to see if it’s spelt correctly.

This method allows children to take an active multi-sensory approach to their own learning. 

Resources in this series:

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