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My Spelling Workbook: Book A
My Spelling Workbook: Book A

My Spelling Workbook: Book A

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Interactive Spelling Activities - My Spelling Workbook - Book A

My Spelling Workbook is entirely focused on spelling strategies for Senior Infants pupils, that will develop and nurture their spelling abilities. Complemented by a comprehensive Teacher Guide, My Spelling Workbook ensures both teacher and pupil receive the full value of the workbook which is also supported by dictation, assessment, games and worksheets.


  • 18 four-page spelling units - one for every two weeks of the school year 
  • full-colour workbook with phonetically organised word lists
  • an active multi-sensory approach to spelling to make pupils more aware of their own individual learning style and activities to develop visual memory

    We have recently introduced My Spelling Workbook on a school wide basis. We find that the layout, the use of colour and the activities appeal to the children. Many of the activities really challenge the children. As the book is used throughout the school, children are familiar with it from year to year, and thereby have increased confidence in themselves while using it. We will be continuing to use this book for the foreseeable future.

    Mags Sparling

    We use My Spelling Workbook with all classes from senior infants to 6th class. I personally find that the book is appealing to children with the use of colour and layout. The children have confidence with this book as they use it year after year. But most importantly, the children do well at weekly spelling tests because of the repetition of the spelling words in all of the activities in each unit of work, and they build up an impressive vocabulary over the course of the year. The spelling workbook also has a focus on grammar and phonics. Its a great addition to our booklist.

    Cathy Power

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