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My Spelling Workbook: Book E
My Spelling Workbook: Book E

My Spelling Workbook: Book E

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Interactive Spelling Activities - My Spelling Workbook - Book E

Focused spelling strategies supported by dictation, assessment, worksheets and games, the My Spelling Workbook for 4th Class has everything required to nurture and develop pupil's spelling abilities. Supported by a comprehensive Teacher Guide that provides structured lesson plans and strategies, this will ensure maximum value from the programme and complete coverage of spelling in the classroom. 


  • full-colour workbook with phonetically organised word lists
  • uses the Look, Say, Trace, Cover, Write, Check method
  • opportunities to learn how to spell commonly used functional words
  • additional interactive spelling activities and games for the whiteboard to reinforce phonic skills, word meaning, commonly misspelled words, maths and computer words available to download

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