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Reading Comprehension and Word Reading: Year 1 (International)
Reading Comprehension and Word Reading: Year 1 (International)

Reading Comprehension and Word Reading: Year 1 (International)

Teach and Assess for Curriculum Success 

Understanding if your pupils are working towards, meeting or exceeding curriculum expectations:
  • Three summative assessment tests (one after every six units) in each book.
  • Formative assessment activities built into each unit.
  • Guidance on assessing pupil performance within three categories: Working towards expectations, Meeting expectations and Exceeding expectations.
  • Pupil self-assessment is given a central place in each unit.
For Pupils:
  • Three pupil worksheets in each unit: a text page, a comprehension worksheet and a word reading worksheet.
  • All three pupil worksheets have a self-assessment section, ‘My learning log’, at the bottom of the page, to encourage pupils to reflect on their own learning and progress.
For Teachers:
  • 18 six-page units of work in each book: three pages of pupil worksheets and three pages of accompanying teachers notes.
  • Each unit begins with clearly stated curriculum objectives and suggested outcomes at the text, comprehension and word reading levels.
  • A lesson plan is provided for each pupil worksheet (three in total) and is divided into useful sections: background, teacher information, introduction, development, differentiated individual/pair/group work and review.
  • Three formal assessment units in each book focusing separately on comprehension and word reading for the three terms of the academic year
  • Answers provided for all worksheets and assessment units.

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