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The Comprehension Strategies Box 4
The Comprehension Strategies Box 4

The Comprehension Strategies Box 4

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The Comprehension Strategies Box 4 is suitable for 4th Class pupils. The box contains a set of full-colour, differentiated literacy cards designed to support the teaching and learning of nine different comprehension strategies. These well-researched and proven strategies—predicting, visualising, making connections, questioning, clarifying, summarising, determining importance, inferring and synthesising—are compiled to help teachers unlock their pupils’ reading abilities.

  • 162 cards in the box, colour-coded by strategy.
  • Original texts across the cards and teacher guide, allowing pupils to experience a variety of fiction and non-fiction text types.
  • Cater for all while learning the same strategies, with three differentiated reading levels by suggested Lexile® ranges for each strategy, and a placement test provided to ascertain pupils’ starting point.
  • Extensive support through a comprehensive teacher guide and an additional activity book with worksheets for all texts on the cards.


    I truly cannot recommend this resource enough!!! Especially if you’re an early career teacher and need a curriculum aligned resource that is easy to implement and differentiate! You cannot go wrong.

    Alexia, Year 4 teacher, @teachingwithalexia

    A must have in any classroom from 1st-6th class. The 9 strategies are clearly laid out and easy to find within the box. The box comes with a teacher guide which is absolutely brilliant, it lays everything out in its most simplest terms. It also uses placement tests, so you can assess where a child is before you begin using the comprehensions. This makes everything so much clearer and much easier to use. The activity book is absolutely brilliant, it varies in difficulty from 1-3, which is great as it can be used depending on where a child is at.


    I’ve been playing around with The Comprehension Strategies Box for an hour now and I’m already obsessed There are 162 cards coloured coded by strategy. Covers 9 Comprehension strategies as you can see from the pic Each strategy has 3 levels of reading differentiation (LOVE THIS) Also comes with a Teacher Guidebook AND an activity book with worksheets you can photocopy to extend the reading activities There are 6 boxes to choose from, for 1st-6th classes and the one I picked is for 2nd Side note: Everything fits so nicely in the box and that makes my organisation heart so happy I’m so excited to use this box because there is literally no hassle involved, just hand out the cards and photocopy the worksheets (if you wanted!) I could see these working really well for station teaching and for early finish tasks once a strategy has been completed I attended the Enriching Literacy course this summer and I cannot wait to tie in those tags with this resource (if you know, you know!)


    I have looked through the project cards and they have lovely pictures and simple instructions to make it as easy as possible for us all! I like that they include 6 of each card so that individual children or groups can keep the cards while working on them. Side note: when I brought the box into school the children were so excited because they recognized the box. Their last teacher had gotten the STEM box for them and they made some fab things like a cushion for their elf on the shelf! ❤️


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