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The English Workbook: Book G
The English Workbook: Book G
The English Workbook: Book G
The English Workbook: Book G

The English Workbook: Book G

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The English Workbook – Book G focuses on 5 main writing genres:

  • Procedure
  • Recount
  • Exposition (Persuasive)
  • Narratives
  • Reports

All aspects of English Literacy are thoroughly dealt with throughout this book:

  • Oral language
  • Reading
  • Comprehension
  • Spelling
  • Vocabulary
  • Grammar
  • Writing

There are 10 units of work in the book and each unit deals with 11 main elements:

  • Reading passages written in one of the five writing genre.
  • Speaking and listening activities based on the genre. Focusing on activities for the whole class and activities for working in pairs.
  • Analysis of the structure of the writing genre.
  • Reading activities focus on developing comprehension at 3 different levels: reading for information, reading for understanding and application of understanding.
  • Vocabulary activities focus on extending word meaning, word building and activities include dictionary work, antonyms/synonyms, alphabetical order, anagrams, word searches, crosswords and word worms.
  • Grammar activities which focus on parts of speech or punctuation.
  • Spelling pages focus on specific spelling rules e.g. plurals.
  • Writing Framework/Template to guide the children in perfecting the specific genre. This allows the children to be creative and imaginative while still providing the children with a structure needed to enable them write in a genre.
  • Writing activities.
  • Editing and Proofreading activities.
  • Two page assessment of the entire unit.

Teachers Resource Book available and is provided free when a school adopts the programme.

    The English Workbook G does what it says on the cover "Developing Literacy". With exposure to the wide variety of writing genres, there is lots of scope for development of Oral, Reading and Writing Literacy. The book is well laid out, offers opportunities for differentiation and covers all grammar areas. The sections for evaluation give both the teacher and pupil many opportunities to assess progress. I like that these books give plenty of space for completion of written activities

    Noreen O'Dea

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