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Cloze Interactive

Cloze Interactive is an interactive resource and educational software that provides teachers with an interactive solution to teaching cloze procedure in the classroom.

Improve pupil's reading comprehension and cloze skills. Ideal for small groups, individuals and the whole class.

  • drag and drop: a selection of cloze activities are provided where pupils can drag and drop the word of their choice into the space provided and receive a positive or negative response to their choice
  • fill the blanks: a selection of cloze activities are provided where pupils can select a word from the list provided and type in their choice, receiving a response to their selection
  • cloze test creator: the most innovative feature of this product is the capacity to select or create your own text and paste it into the Cloze software. The teacher or pupil can then select the words to be 'blanked out', creating their own unique cloze. Text can be created from any source and could even include a pupil's own writing. There are no limits to the lesson plans that can be created.
  • comprehensive teaching notes are provided and will take Cloze to another level in your classroom.
  • single-user CD (Site licence for multi-users available to purchase separately). 

Books in this series: