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New Wave English in Practice

Based on the hugely popular New Wave Mental Maths series, New Wave English in Practice concentrates on several core areas of English language learning, providing ample practice for pupils in these areas.

The wide and varied range of content in each book focuses broadly on:

  • spelling
  • vocabulary and word study
  • grammar and punctuation

These six books concentrate on core areas of English language learning.

  • Teachers will welcome the focus on the common problem areas of English throughout the series.
  • The emphasis on practice, repetition and revision will help pupils acquire and strengthen the skills they need to be competent and confident in their use of English.
  • Confusing words and common errors in writing are targeted to ensure pupils develop the knowledge and skills to deal with these issues in their own personal writing.
  • The days are labelled using a numbered format allowing teachers to use the book flexibly and to suit their own teaching style.
  • Revision units, which revise the content, concepts and question types within each unit, are placed at the back of the book.
  • Assessment: Pupil record sheets have been included in each book helping pupils to record and monitor their own progress.

FREE Teacher Manual for schools adopting the New Wave English in Practice programme - REQUEST HERE. 

Books in this series: